The Breaker Movement has grown organically online connecting hundreds of Breakers every weekday to the teachings and lessons of Dr. Saroya Byrd McKinney. We're ready to accelerate our breakthroughs and get to know each other in person with Breaker Brunches in cities across the country! Dr. Byrd teaches her popular series and topics taught on Breaking Free Live including Take Love and Run and the Trust series in this interactive talk where you can ask your most pressing questions. Over brunch, breakout sessions and fun activites get to create lasting bonds with fellow Breakers in your city.

Breaker Brunch Itinerary

Icebreaker Session - Get to know your fellow Breakers beyond the profile pictures during fun activities and a social hour.  

Breaking Free Teaching - Over brunch, Dr. Saroya Byrd-McKinney will go in-depth on Breaking Free topic of choice during this interactive 2 hour period.

Sunday Worship (select cities)  - Continue getting your breakthroughs at a praise and worship service at a local church.


Brunch Topics Include:

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Hosting an Event in Your City 

Hosts will serve as our soldiers on the ground for pulling off a successful Breaking Free Brunch. You can be an individual, a part of an organized group, or connect with other Breakers in your city to form a host team. You’ll be responsible for bringing the vision to life including selecting what topic you would like to discuss, securing the venue and cater, creating a welcoming environment for fellow Breakers, and getting the word out to your networks. The Breaking Free Leadership team will support and guide you every step of the way with an initial phone call and check-ins, a detailed timeline with milestones along with brand guidelines so executing the event requires zero guesswork.

For hosting a Breaker Brunch you will receive:

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Want a to host a breaker brunch but you don’t want to do it alone? We got you! Hosts can pair up with other Breakers in their city to create a breaker brunch. Email us at and we’ll connect you to other Breakers in your city interested in joining a host team as well.





I'm hosting a Breaker Brunch, now what?

In order to guide you through hosting your Breaker Brunch, a Breaker Leadership Team member will be in contact with you. Be sure to complete your Breaker Brunch MOU and have your questions, ideas, and lesson you want your brunch to focus on ready for the first meeting. 

I can't make it to a Breaker Brunch due to distance. Will they be recorded? 

The main in-depth lesson plan will be recorded via Facebook Live the day-of the Breaker Brunch. All other sessions and activities will be closed.